Colonial Village Transformation Overview

Colonial Village, built in 1952, is a 200-unit Affordable housing development situated on 25.7 acres of which 7.6 acres are vacant. This property is owned and managed by the Norwalk Housing Authority.

Project Timeline
Before & After
Tenant Plans

The Building and Unit types break down as follows:

  1. Total Units 200
  2. Total Buildings 47
  3. Building Types: 4
  4. Building Component Types: 3
  5. Unit Types:
    • 3 Br Townhouse-50 units
    • 2 Br Townhouse-140 units
    • 2 Br Flat (HC “Bungalow”)-10 units

Renovation Need:

Colonial Village is in need of an overhaul. The roof, siding and windows have not been upgraded along with kitchens, baths, etc. “Accessible” units do not meet ADA standards.

Renovations Planned:

  • New roofs adding dormers
  • New front porches
  • New windows and siding
  • New kitchens and bathrooms
  • New HVAC system for heating and air conditioning.
  • Direct hot water heaters
  • Refurbished flooring
  • New rear stoops
  • New interior and exterior lighting
  • New exterior perimeter fencing
  • New sidewalks and paving of existing parking areas
  • Total renovation of bungalows for ADA units.
  • Remediation of environmental conditions in soil

Renovation Cost:

Approximately $34 Million

Project Timeline:

  • Finance closing around September 2020
  • Construction starting 2 to 4 weeks later
  • Completion around October of 2022